Are you tired of SMS spam? Drop SMS is a free Android 2.1 to 4.3 application for your mobile phone to blacklist unwanted text messages.

Key features:
+ automatic unwanted spam text messages removal,
+ no more notifications when advertising spam arrives,
+ unlimited number of user defined blacklist numbers,
+ NEW predefined anti bomb policies to prevent from SMS flooding,
+ NEW wildcards to blacklist many numbers with one blacklist number,
+ NEW whitelist numbers,
+ NEW (and experimental) MMS filtering,
+ built-in events logger,
+ optional dropped messages' saver,
+ dropped spam messages' counter,
and more for free and with no ads!

Click here to install the latest 1.11 release from Google Play.

Drop SMS is the Copyright of Piotr Warezak.

Q: How do I configure which messages not to receive?
A: Most advertising spam messages are sent from the same premium phone numbers. Your job is to run Drop SMS and create one blacklist number for each phone number you get unwanted messages from.
Q: What is the correct phone number format when creating blacklist number?
A: Use phone numbers without international call prefixes to block messages from premium rate phone numbers (e.g. 7xxxx). For other phone numbers any format is acceptable: with or without international call prefix (e.g. +48783xxxxxx, 0048783xxxxxx as well as 783xxxxxx are ok). See SAMPLE BLACKLIST NUMBERS section below for more samples.
Q: Is there a quicker way to create blacklist numbers than entering all the phone numbers manually digit by digit?
A: Yes, there is. Tap "man" icon on the "New blacklist number" screen. List of suggested phone numbers will pop up. Pick a contact and then tap "OK" to accept the new blacklist number.
Q: What is "Save message text and phone number in the latest events" option for?
A: Check the box to see the dropped SMSes' text in the "Latest events" window.
Q: What if I want to start receiving messages from some of the filtered phone numbers?
A: To stop blocking you need to delete the filters that you have created.
Q: What are policies?
A: Policies are new type predefined rules that you can enable to prevent from sms bombing. There are three policies available:
    + 'Anti bomb' to prevent from sms flooding,
    + 'Duplicates' to drop duplicated messages,
    + 'Unknown sender' to drop messages from phone numbers that are not in contacts.
Q: What are whitelist numbers for?
A: Whitelist numbers are the numbers for which blacklist numbers and polices are not applied. Feel free to define whitelist numbers for your family, close friends, bank and mobile services and so on.
Q: Does Drop SMS block incoming MMSes?
A: Starting with 1.10 release MMSes are also dropped for blacklisted numbers. Keep in mind this is experimental therefore the polices are not yet applied for MMSes.
Q: How do I test if Drop SMS works fine for me?
A: To get familiar with Drop SMS create a blacklist number with your own phone number and then send SMS to that number. The message that you will send will not get to your inbox. Drop SMS event log will contain an entry about the SMS drop event instead.
IMPORTANT: blacklisting your own number is not a good idea as some of the services like voicemail may malfunction. Once your testing is done you shall stop blacklisting your number!
Q: It seems that app do not work...
A: If the messages are not dropped even though the phone numbers are blacklisted, follow the checklist below:
    1) try adding/removing international call prefixes,
    2) double check you made no mistakes when entering long numbers manually,
    3) tap "About" and see there is no warning about other high priority application(s) that intercept incoming messages.
Q: Dropped messages are always listed in the "Latest events" popup window. Is it possible to clear the list?
A: The "Latest events" list contains 20 latest events. To clear the list tap "Clear" in the "Latest events" popup.
Q: Does sender know I have blacklisted his number?
A: No, the sender is not aware of your settings and cannot see the SMSes & MMSes are dropped on your phone.
Q: Do I need to run Drop SMS manually each time I power on my phone?
A: No, you do not. Drop SMS is automatic. Once you run it and define the blacklist numbers and policies an invisible background service is installed. The service automatically starts each time you power your phone on. The only way to disable it permanently is to uninstall Drop SMS.
Q: Will Drop SMS drain my battery?
A: No, it will not. Drop SMS is activated only when message arrives. Once the decision is made the SMS or MMS shall be dropped or not, the service falls asleep again.

valuedescription (please note that 'x' stands for a digit!)
72xxblacklists premium rate number 72xx
72..blacklists all premium rate numbers from 7200 to 7299
7....blacklists all premium rate numbers from 70000 to 79999
+48783xxxxxxblacklists 783xxxxxx phone number
783xxxxxxblacklists 783xxxxxx phone number

1.11, 23 Jan 2014

+ maintenance release.
1.10, 29 Jan 2013

+ (experimental) white and black numbers apply to MMSes also,
+ user interface improvements,
+ polish translation added,
+ bugfix: filtering shall not die after several days of inactivity,
+ bugfix: filtering is started immediately after phone reboot,
+ bugfix: minor configuration restoration fix.
1.09, 8 Jan 2013

+ new feature: whitelist numbers,
+ previous release 'filters' are now called 'blacklist numbers',
+ rearranged menu.
1.08, 21 Nov 2012

+ fixed dropped messages' counter.
1.07, 1 Oct 2012

+ added commands to import and export settings to external memory,
+ for HoneyComb/ICS/JellyBean holo theme is used,
+ anti bomb policy optimization.
1.06, 6 Sep 2012

+ added 'Anti bomb', 'Duplicates' and 'Unknown sender' policies,
+ added priorities: first no-wildcard filters are applied, then wildcard filters and then policies,
+ fixed shield icon ;)
1.05, 24 Aug 2012

+ faster phonebook access when adding filters with the "+" button,
+ wildcards: "." may stand for any digit,
+ minor user interface improvements.
1.04, 18 Aug 2012

+ improved compatibility with 3rd party SMS applications.
1.03, 24 Feb 2011

+ improved way to handle incoming messages' numbers: even though the filters contain no country codes, the message may still be recognized as the one to drop,
+ added counter for the dropped messages,
+ minor fix in the edit filter screen.
1.02, 18 Feb 2011

+ minor stability fixes,
+ minor user interface updates.
1.01, 12 Feb 2011

The very first Android Market release.

This is a legal agreement (the "Agreement") between you (either an individual or a single entity) and author of Drop SMS.
LICENSE. Drop SMS is licensed as freeware. You may use it without charge. You may copy it and give copies to anyone. You may distribute it on condition it is in its unmodified form.
NO WARRANTIES, LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. Drop SMS is provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non infringement. Drop SMS is provided with all faults and the entire risk as to satisfactory quality, performance, accuracy, effort and results of use is with you. In no event shall the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.